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Thread: Best Leveling atm?

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    Default Best Leveling atm?

    Sorry, I haven't shown much love for my mage, currently 37 atm. With the added XP from this current event...is necro/lock still viable and/or the quickest way to level in 1.4? And would this be decent in dungeons, if not...what would you recommend. The sticky in the Mage forum shows mostly healing and PvP specs, not much, if any on leveling.

    Much appreciate.

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    There's my discussion, seems pretty solid advice was given before it sank.

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    Both works equally from what I can see for general pve play.
    A bit difference in pet strength and self heal vs no self heal but its a matter of taste. Cant say that I kill faster with the necro/wl than with ele/sc or the other way around.

    Personally I dont enjoy sacrificing soul points and investing them into chloro for the heals when it comes to pve. I do just fine without it. Just like with the ranger, no need for any bard points there either in pve. But thats just me.

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    I'm a part time/casual player. I play for about 1.5-2 hours 4 to 5 nights a week. My friends play on a pretty regular basis, so I wanted to catch up to them.

    Using the Bluedot guide, I passed them all in level... not by a few levels, by 10+.

    Pulling multiple mobs, and even just single kills was a chain the entire time, and there's tons of exp in zone events/rifts with groups.

    I'm at level 46 now, and closing in on level cap.

    The only real issue I have with the "speed" that I've leveled at and the guide is that I question "Do I really know my class"? So now I'm more focused on finding an end game spec for PVE raiding.

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