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Thread: 5 Dexs in a row - Screenshots Wanted!

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    Default 5 Dexs in a row - Screenshots Wanted!

    Hey I got this Idea from Dub's thread, he was asking a SC to post 5 games in a row of Codex performance, so we could actually see some gameplay to back up the neverending forum theorycrafting. Plus it's Codex bonus favor, so we're all gonna be queing it a bunch anyway.

    Seems like it'd be fun. If anyone wants to participate, just post 5 back to back codex games, solo queud, no heal bots, whatever you get, you get. If we start saying "oh it was a faceroll so it doesn't count" that'll just lead to more selective picking, which negates the purpose of getting a usable average. Plus I think 5 games is a large enough sample size to get a picture of how specs perform in a variety of different WF types (faceroll, competitive, healer heavy, whatever)

    Here's my 5....

    Spawn Camp, defiant win (7 KBs, 0 Deaths, 77K dmg, 7k dmg taken, 7K heals received)

    defiant win (20 kbs, 1 death, 192K dmg, 61K dmg taken, 53K heals received)

    Spawn camp, defiant win (8 kbs, 0 deaths, 80K dmg, 16K dmg taken, 19K heals received)

    defiant win (13 kbs, 0 deaths, 173K dmg, 13K dmg taken, 10K heals received)

    guardian win (16 kbs, 3 deaths, 172K dmg, 51K dmg taken, 33K heals received)

    AVG per Game: 12.8 kbs, .8 deaths, 138K dmg. 29.6 dmg taken, 24K heals received

    (Might do this again later when there's a little more competition to be had - not so many gimme games)
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