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Thread: The Greatest Mage Troll Is Gone Rejoice!

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    Default The Greatest Mage Troll Is Gone Rejoice!

    I am Here to inform you that as off the 1st of September the "Greatest Mage Troll" will be leaving and will never come back (boy I hope so) and you pathetic mages that deal with nerf after nerf can have your poopy calling

    don't think ill get over how weak we are and how strong we were (like we were supposed to be)
    only to find out we get shafted
    now tho we wear cloth, we cant deal the damage (FACT)
    though once I had a dream were mages were actually good

    every once in a while a mmo looks superb but falls short (WHY GOD WHY)
    variable after variable of extensive testing was done and mages still fell behind
    even though hammer knell was a cool idea an all, the bugs made the testing guilds the best due to abusing
    note to self, i will never expect much from new content

    .Amazing Beta, disappointing later
    .Good pve content, although bugs ****ed it
    .Horrible pvp balance, if your gonna make warriors 1.0 pyro's then why not give mages back our old pyro?

    Greatest Mage Troll, Signing Off Good Bye.

    btw The Best End To Everything

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    Hi Extinction,

    We understand and respect that sometimes people will leave the Rift community. We thank you for your feedback and wish you the very best. We're closing this thread now.

    If anyone has questions or concerns about this thread closure, please feel free to contact us at

    Thank you!

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