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Thread: pyro/domi builds for pvp sub 50? Love to give it a run, sub 50

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    Default pyro/domi builds for pvp sub 50? Love to give it a run, sub 50

    I know it might not be the easiest or the most effective build pre-50/rank5-6 but I've enjoyed the look of it through several videos etc and want to give it a try. I'm currently using a chloro/lock build and a necro/lock build in pvp and both are fun for different reasons, looking to give pyro a whirl to!(yes i know they are not the preferred :P) 31/31/4arch seems what Bleeds and a few other have used, i'm currently 41 and have not been able to find a build break down listed anyplace through searches. Can anybody help me out with skills worth taking etc, i'm relatively inexperienced with mage play(mainly warrior/cleric so far) so not sure which are generally best pvp skills in the domi/pyro trees! Thanks all!!

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    Hey man! Good choice, the earlier you start this spec the better you'll be later on, has a pretty decent learning curve to it imo. At 41 I'd start with this:


    finish out the rest of AM next, then start working your way up the rest of the dom tree. The reason I'd spec like this is because you want to get used to the timing of having full swift control, get used to the Heat Wave cooldown and when to use it, etc.

    The pyro points aren't set in stone, you could add/drop a few of those based on taste or to fit your playstyle. (burning bonds, the aoes, combust, 1/5 smoldering are all optional really).

    Enjoy! pm me if you have any other questions, I usually get to em eventually...

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