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Thread: Chloro Heal-theory

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    Default Chloro Heal-theory

    New Chloromancer here, still having trouble wrapping my brain on how exactly their heals work. Two questions, then, on heal theory.

    Ive seen guides for instances enough to at least push the right buttons (I think), but I'm not quite sure how to Chloro-heal in your average random rift group where everything moves fast and there's no main tank.

    Secondly, is it better to hit big or hit more often to heal? In theory, more quick cast damage means more chances to proc heals from radiant spores and such, but bigger damage with a cast time means a bigger heal when it hits, no?

    Further advice also welcome.

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    Read the tooltips more closely, I don't think radiant spores do what you think it does. Start off with using life-giving veil and spamming vile spores + ruin. Do not use stream of reclamation, it is stupid. Life damage = healing, vile spores and ruin are you basic life damage nukes.

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    if you aren't 50 mash your nature's touch/vile spores macro

    if you're 50 mash void life

    congrats you're a healer
    This is why we can't have nice things.

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    radiant spores is a great party heal, whom ever does dmg to the mob has a 16% chance to heal for 100i of the dmg they did

    for mt healing synth on tank + lifebound veil (it auto casts lbv on you when you synth the tank)
    for party heals / soloing use lifegiving veil (in this your tank will not receive double heals from void life/ natures touch)

    I use 51 chloro / 10 lock / 5 ele

    my main rotation is to try to keep radiant spores on target, spam void life, and cast natures touch on oppertunity procs. dont forget flourish, bloom, and natural healing

    once you get that down, shouldnt be hard, most other chloro spells have nice situational uses, just learn your spells and work those in when needed

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