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Thread: How do I beat Dom?

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    Default How do I beat Dom?

    R6 warrior here, how do I beat it? This isn't QQ, this is a real question. If you're my hard counter and I'm not supposed too beat you, that can be an answer. Namely, this is a spec without Purge or Cleanse.

    I have no problems with other classes, and often win 1v3s, but it seems one equally geared Dom shuts me down so hard I have nothing.

    I have a Silence on 15 second cooldown, AoE fear, Stun on 1 minute cooldown.

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    I run with 31 in Dom always, and I've literally never, ever lost a duel to a warrior. Not one.

    Maybe if they went 51 VK for the sole purpose of winning a duel, outside of that... Hard Counter I'm afraid.

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