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Thread: Elementalist/Chloro spec ... not a warlock

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    Default Elementalist/Chloro spec ... not a warlock

    Hi folks! Having some trouble finding an ele/chloro spec for my mage. I do not want a warlock, which is what the google searches keep coming back at me with.

    Any suggestions?

    Any suggestions on spell rotation?

    My 29 mage is my little guild gathering quest farming toon and what I need is a tank pet that I can heal, and no, undead pets do not interest me. -.- I'll only seriously level her with a friend of ours who's been away for a few weeks and has fallen behind the curve of our mains.


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    Something like http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1zRqz.xdGz.Vxso0gk I guess.

    Send in the Earth Elemental, build a bit of charge, Icy carapace, toggle Elem forces, Lightning Strike. Heal with ruin and bloom.

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    Ignite a ranged mob, then stand next to it. Ignite 2 or 3 melee mobs, cast Burning Ground at your feet, Flame Jet while backing away from crowd, Fiery Assault, Flame Jet. If you get in trouble, you've got Ice Shield, Stream of Reclamation (1st tick), Vile Spores (and Burning Shield if you bothered to put a Ground of Power down. If your pet gets in trouble, well... Quicken Elements will heal it through pretty much anything up to and including a pair of Elites for as long as you have the mana to run it.

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