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Thread: Mage armor numbers, how does that work?

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    Default Mage armor numbers, how does that work?

    I hovered mouse over my armor number in stats and it said something like 26% physical damage reduction. And my total armor is less than some high end shields (one item) for warriors.

    I did look into it after noticing a large gain of survival in pve. I also got a good number of upgrades in last couple of weeks. Before I didn't pull more than 3 mobs on me to AE down. Now I can run a circle through a camp casting instants, then hit Mortality and maybe one tick of devouring shadows and collect loot. 8 mobs is ok, 10 is survivable if not too many of them are ranged.

    So my question is - how useful is armor value for a mage and what are your numbers?

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    Armor is almost completely useless for Mages, anything in a raid will 1 or 2 shot you regardless and in dungeons if you're taking hits you've already lost. I have ~3000 Armor which is about 29% physical damage reduction.

    If you're running a spec with self healing then you can take as many mobs as you want.
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