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Thread: 51pt Pyro Question...

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    Default 51pt Pyro Question...

    Is this a viable spec in PVE? I've tried this and the cookie cutter Pyro/Ele and I like 51 pt pyro better. I've parsed myself at around the sameish dps, but my parses are irrelevant because my gear is pretty low (this is an alt). I use 51Pyro/10Dom/5Ele.

    Also, for people who do use 51 pyro, is Withering Flame worth using between Fulminates or is Internalize Charge always better? With the right fight you can technically use a Fulminate, then a Withering and then Internalize Charge before Fulminate is up again.

    Thanks in advance.

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    51 Pyro is inferior to Pyro/Ele at all gear levels assuming you are playing both specs correctly.

    Withering Flames is a DPS loss, Internalize Charge at the right moments is always the way to go.

    Good luck!
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