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Thread: Radiant Spores and Stream of Rec

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    Default Radiant Spores and Stream of Rec

    Hey everyone, I was doing some calculations and I think I may have come across a really good way of doing raid healing (mostly during high DPS phases, ie when Flaring Power is proc'ed)

    If you assume raid DPS of 20,000 for this calculation, lets look at some numbers:
    Radiant Spores proc rate: 16% to heal themselves for 100% damage dealt
    When you have SoR running this is what it looks like:
    +5% for 1 second
    +10% for 1 second
    +15% for 1 second
    +20% for 1 second
    +25% for 1 second
    +30% for 3 seconds
    This gives a total bonus RS time of 8 seconds
    With an average bonus RS chance of 20.625%
    Which allows RS to proc at ~36.625% for 8 seconds.

    This gives a potential HPS of (assuming no waste): 20,000 * 0.36625 = 7325 HPS for 8 seconds
    Now when if you do this with Flaring Power: 23000* 0.36625 = 8423.75 HPS for 8 seconds
    Plus of course the healing that is generated from SoR itself.

    Now obviously you won't see numbers like that unless the whole raid is taking damage, but I'd image you'd see some really good numbers. And ofc this won't work for tank healing since the tank isn't doing very much damage.


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    I don't have any experience raiding yet, but I sometimes do this in a t1/t2 dungeon to help top off after a big AE - use flourish, toss radiant spores on boss and stream - the healing from stream + radiant spores is almost always enough to top everyone in the group up.

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    Only problem is at 20k dps 3200 of that potential healing will happen without the buff from stream of rec. It is useful but without the smart heals it greatly weakens the actual healing.

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