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Thread: What if Ground of Power/Strength...

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    Default What if Ground of Power/Strength...

    were changed so that if you leave the ground, you get a 15 second buff that retains the ground effect but after 15 seconds it expires and you have to either a) run back to the ground and stand on it to get the buff again or b) cast another ground.

    This would help pyro mages a lot with the mobility problems both in pve and pvp

    While not standing in the ground, the mage will not benefit from the mana regen or crowd control immunity (ground of strength). The mage will still benefit from 15% increase fire damage if ground of power, and 70% increase in armor if ground of strength.

    This new mechanic would still work really well with Burning Shield as well!
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    that'd be silly. it's ground we've incinerated with holy symbols. we can't leave our ground omg.

    clearly as rogue marksman have a sniper pedestal to better view their targets from and can't leave it and retain the buff.. oh, wait. er.. n/m

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    Or they could just bake the damage into our spells and call it a day. Keep GoP for utility purposes. Take your pick: mana regen; casting knock-back prevention; green fireballs; whatever.
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    You mean like the way rogues keep the benefit of Marksman Pedestals for 15 seconds after they leave it?
    No way dude, giving that to a mage would be preposterous!
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    Heresy! Mages should have to push more buttons to get 75% of the effect as other classes otherwise they feel like the game is too easy and quit.

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