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Thread: Low lvl chloro PVP spec?

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    Default Low lvl chloro PVP spec?

    All of the posts are very helpful, but most everything covers how to set stuff up once you hit lvl 50. Is there anyway to be an effective chloro in low lvl pvp like late teens and early 20's?

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    Oh yes!! And you are talking to the right person since I have 2 mage alts lol (I love alts)

    What I do on low level Chloro's is I couple it with necro and archon. (You could, if you don't want a pet go chloro/warlock/archon but I like my pet and I like the necro dot, I am sure walrock is fine though)

    Anyway for mine I put most points into Chloro and then the next into necro. I only throw enough into archon to get that stone burst spell (forget the exact name ).

    I will log on my lower level mage later and get you her spec. She ROCKS in pvp...she survives well for her level (level 15) and she does great things for her team

    As you get higher on your mage like in your 30's you get even more effective with your shield and such.

    Its great fun!! But most points into chloro, then necro, then archon.

    Keep your archon buffs up all the time, (you have to do damage and it stacks 5 x) then heal your little buns off.

    Keep your gear up to date.

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    Ok so she is level 15 and I went and got her spec so far for you.

    She is :


    5/5 Accelerated Growth
    2/2 Healing Slipstream
    1/1 Bloom
    3/3 Empowered Veil
    3/3 Phytogenesis
    1/5 circle of life


    3/5 Death's ally


    2/3 Favored Ally

    So I start out by dotting EVERYTHING around me as I kite around, I also throw radiant spores on whoever I can as it cools down. The dot's I use are necrosis and searing vitality. They do good damage
    (for our level)

    I sometimes spam dots if I can't do anything else, yea its cheap but sometimes when you are running for your life its all ya got.

    I always use the group buff "Lifegiving veil' in warfronts, never the main tank one (whatever its called)
    And I don't get synthesis as I don't really play like that, but most would tell you to get it (you will HAVE to have it for eventual raids, I am talking LOW LEVEL pvp here)

    I then stack up my stone spell buff on whoever I can up to the 5x stack, it does ok damage too, all this time my pet is out wacking on people (not much dps but its like a small dot)

    If my pet dies I don't really resummon until I die usually

    I use bloom a lot, I ALWAYS have pot's for mana and health and use those a lot too.

    You MUST use mana pots.

    So basically dot the heck out of everyone, stand back and cast vile spores to heal and use your radiant spores whenever you can.

    As you level up put more points into chloro and necro, no more into archon unless you find you like that play style better than the necro I guess.

    Also, remember necro eventually gets a pet thing that heals you as the pet hits people, boy does that help!

    The archon Armor buff is what I use too, I keep that up all the time. It debuffs people and I use it a lot too.

    NEVER forget to rebuff your lifegiving veil, its your lifeblood. Always keep stocked on drinks too.
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