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Thread: Is this a bug?

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    Default Is this a bug?

    I just realised while tring a new spec:

    it says on ragestorm dealing 385 air dmg in 3 secs.
    it says on thunderbolt 99-103 air damage.

    ragestorm ticks 3 times so the dmg for each tick should be around 128
    and thunderbolt hits for 99-103 dmg as mentioned in the text.
    but when I cast both of them on non electrified targets thunderbolt hits 452, raging storm's tick hits 439.
    Do I miss something or one of those spells are bugged or something?
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    Different spells receive different gains from spell power. In other words, caster tooltips are completely worthless, to figure out how much damage a spell really does in comparison to other spells, you have to do exactly what you just did.

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    DOTs scale differently. I'm not an expert on the maths but I'm pretty sure thats the reason
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