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Thread: 32/28/6 Necro/Dom/Lock (Twist on Zoomancer)

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    Default 32/28/6 Necro/Dom/Lock (Twist on Zoomancer)

    This is a new twist on the Zoomancer build available at bludots.org



    As you can see, I've taken 6 points out of Necro and dumped them in Lock. This gives you increased charge gain (for soul purge and arresting presence) and Neddras Torture.

    Use the Skeletal Zealot pet. Rotation - Looming Demise*>Necrosis>Dark Touch>macro/soulpurge/arresting presence *Looming Demise only needs refreshed every 60 secs

    Keep your dots refreshed and keep 5 stacks of deathly calling on the target (through plague bolt). When you have over 80% charge and 8 secs or more on your dots, use soul purge or arresting presence (depending on the target.

    macro: #show Plague Bolt suppressmacrofailures petattack petcast Blood Spike petcast Soul Rend petcast Jagged Wound cast Death's Edict<--------personal pref cast Transference<--------personal pref cast Neddra's Torture<----personal pref cast Plague Bolt

    Now the fun bit

    When you have full charge and these are off cooldowns do this

    Exhume>Empty the crypts>split personality>lich form>necrosis

    The necrosis at the end is to make your skellies attack. Get AS CLOSE to the target as you can. this will reduce the time it takes for the skellies to run to the target. Also, the ghosties will recast a voidbolt every time their previous one hits. Less distance=more dps. If you have the lost favour trinket then use it with this build, it procs off soul purge.

    Give it a go, see what you think!
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