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Thread: Older Mage; What Souls?

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    Default Older Mage; What Souls?

    I'm speccing as a Necro/Warl/Dom. Right now I don't even bother with my Dominator tree. I mostly put points in the other two trees with an emphasis on warlock. I prefer Damage over Time spells, and my death abilities do a decent amount of damage. I crit for about 260 on my VB, and I am level 23.

    I'd like some advice on how best to improve and advance my calling as a Mage with these two specs.

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    This should walk you through what specs to use as you level up: http://bluedots.org/2011/04/30/mage-leveling-specs/

    If they aren't the best they are very close to it. Necro/Lock is one of them.

    Hope this helps,

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    I just tried a build using the very three souls you mentioned together.

    T H E C H R O N I C L E S O F D W I N D A R F
    How Trion stole my Dwarf identity.
    The magical returning lvl 47 "Burlap" shoulderpads.
    Yay! T1 & T2 Mage gear!!!...wait..oh god...

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