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Thread: My horrible survival spec for PvP

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    Default My horrible survival spec for PvP

    A player in another thread asked for mobile spec. This spec features mobiity and survivability but dont expect to kill anything while using it in WFs.

    Main surviving tools are

    14 points in Pyro for Flicker and 30% less CC duration

    21 points in Stormcaller for Ride the Wind, and Static Barrier

    18 in Chloromancer for Wild Abandon

    The rest 13 points can either go to Stormcaller to increase your dmg output (dont expect much) or Chloromancer to support your team allies. At first i played as Stormcalled but dmg was rly poor so i switched to deep Chloro for better support and Essence Surge.

    I wont go into deep details but this has lots tools for survival . Sometimes i end up kiting a whole party all around codex map.

    you dont beed to flame , i alrdy know its a bad spec with no syngergy.
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    I've often dreamed of making this exact spec as a flag runner spec.

    But it's not worth the role slot.

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    Yeah we only get 5 slots.
    If you really want to be an invincible flag runner just roll a Rogue. :P

    Seriously, the number of stuns they get off in such a short time period is ridiculous.
    Makes flag running a breeze.
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