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Thread: 18 Chloro/32 Lock/16 Necro for PVP

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    Default 18 Chloro/32 Lock/16 Necro for PVP

    I'm a bit bored at work so I made an experimental build for tonight: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0z...0Azoqxo.tdI00h

    The idea is to have all the +HP from Chloro and Lock, get Bloom and Flourish from Chloro, the defensive CDs from Lock and Soul Purge from Necro. The playstyle should be similar to a heavy Lock build with 18 Chloro but of course you have Soul Purge to heal and damage when Bloom/Flourish is on CD. I don't know if Soul Purge, Necrosis and Consumption are worth neglecting the goodies from the AM tree though.

    Have any of you tried this kind of build?

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    i did like a 2-3 weeks ago

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    I'm running 36 lock / 16 necro / 14 chloro

    I've been melting people's faces off in pvp.
    2v1 hasn't been a problem unless there are two warriors chain-stunning the hell out of me (diminishing returns...what's that?!).

    If my opponent is melee, wither then fear so I can purge off buffs.
    Then 5 instant casts (3 DoTs), after which you have more then enough charge to SP. By then the other guy is around 25-50% hp anyway.
    For casters, purge buffs then DoT him up. Choke/Dark Fury if I need it, and SP to finish him off.

    LGV has surprisingly given me decent group healing considering I'm not using life damage primarily.
    And for the rest of defense, Nature's Cleansing and instant cast Bloom supplements the healing from SP.

    If you're really up the creek just pop off Shadow Life and Neddra's Essence.
    I took on a warrior and a mage trying to tag team me with that...they didn't make it.
    T H E C H R O N I C L E S O F D W I N D A R F
    How Trion stole my Dwarf identity.
    The magical returning lvl 47 "Burlap" shoulderpads.
    Yay! T1 & T2 Mage gear!!!...wait..oh god...

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