This spec isn't a min maxing spec and doesn't quite have the survivability of the Post man but I have been having fun with it.

It's nice to have a 51 Warlock with Flicker and break free for CC breaks.

Also on opportunity procs I have been using Empowered Darkness, mixed with Cinder Burst which makes for a nice instant burst of damage in addition to countdown another spell for while your on the move.

The Intelligence bonus is also nice from Pyromancer.

I realize it's not the best spec for min/maxing or synergy but it can help a lot in the open world.

You have the warlock stun, plus the burning bonds instant root I usually apply that to give me time to cast wither when melee jump me.

I can't say how mice it is to have flicker for right after a stun or Mortality being interrupted.

Plus flicker can make for faster stone carrying during the rift.

With nice survivability CD's, two CC breakers. Ways to heal yourself and a powerful punch I think you guys might like to try it out.