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Thread: anyone try these? defile domi/defile tempest.

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    Default anyone try these? defile domi/defile tempest.

    i was thinking that overload locks in pvp hit exceptionally hard. My p1 build used to be 51 15 lock ele. cast lightning strike on oppurtunity..now I was thinking since becoming a p7 who's also done gsb gp ros DH..overload hits for amazing $ got me thinking how can i transfer this to pve. so I wanted to parse with the community to see how thi1s would work out.

    http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1zvq_.eeMhocqxk.Vtcz0xoN<--my idea for tempest defile. rotation would be along the lines of exposure( if applicable) life leech dark touch neddra's grasp (radiate if applicable) defile void bolt x2 castin on oppurtunity lightning strike. Thinking probably not gonna work cause of lack of empowered darkeness but hell expirmienting got us the zoomancer from 1.3 right?

    heres a domi used for arresting prescence/reflecting prescence idea to replace zoomancer for those adds that go soooooo much smoother with a little CC.

    rotation looks like it would be split personality life leech transference defile dark touch neddra's grasp (as mentioned above radiate if applicable) death's edict when up void bolt till dots need refresh. Haunting pain + Neddra's influence might make Pain an exceptional dot that would be used during the filler phase of the rotation. As far as the charge issue with arresting prescence+ defile I don't think you should run out of charge seeing as typicaly you would simply flicker on and off arresting. Though you would be in a support position. Perks are also you have fear + transmog to do the same thing as if you went 44 points deep into domi. Lots of utility the ability to aoe while being able to have decent ST and AOE dps.

    KEEP IN MIND THIS IS OUT OF THE BOX THINKING EXPIRIMENT!! Use your brain instead of waiting on the bandwagon to come to you invent the bandwagon!!.

    Any other out of the box builds that ARE POSSIBLY EFFECTIVE are also welcome here

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    My own testing showed lower DPS than defilenecro by about 200 on dummy.
    Main reason for dps loss is the pet, and the loss of soul purge. You end up using charge on defile and elemental forces, unfortunately elemental forces is terrible.

    I currently run 32 dom 34 lock for pvp, and would not recommend it in PVE, unless you are trying chain AE-interrupt or spell reflect.
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