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Thread: Alternate Advancement Ideas

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    Default Alternate Advancement Ideas

    In the Rift Into The Future update and elsewhere its been rumored that Trion is working on an alternate advancement system to have experience come into play more at level 50. If something like this happens it definitely could change the direction of a lot of classes, SO what kind of stuff would you like to see added to each class?? I know this is bound to be a bit imaginative but its fun to think of some of the stuff that would be neat additions to the classes! Here are some of my ideas, I'm not sure how practical a few are but just for kicks:

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    Dominator- some kwl ideas for the class involve adding more ccs, debuffs and trickery it would be fun to see it gain some additional raid viability as well
    -Mist Veil- invisibility or shapeshifting I think would be a nice touch to the class provided its a high point ability and not every mage can get it through secondaries or maybe a spell similar to Blink which i'm stealing from eq2 that allows you to teleport a short distance away in a random direction and reduce threat to the enemy (or the opponent detargets you in pvp)
    -Afterglow- raidwide mana regen as a way for raid contribution that procs from abilities so you have to actively dps to keep it up- i picture this with a radiation green like proc aura.
    -Maybe something to distort the current dr groupings or refresh cc! i'd love to see this turn into a cc class again:
    -Paranoia- blur vision and death dmg. Blind would be a fun pvp spell, if not totally blind maybe an effect similar to the whiteout in rotf (or darkout) where it distorts vision esp at range.
    -Improved Grasping Void- an upgrade that makes it so low hp roots/hands come up from the aoe and root people they latch around until hacked through.
    -Sense Weakness- A 30s debuff that is put on the enemy that allows you to see, by colored auras on the enemies, what cc groups they are immune or not immune to.

    Archon- More raidwide support of course with emphasis on debuff/buffs, with some neat twists to keep the rotations fresh, maybe even more emphasis on that elusive earth element!
    -Sandstorm- A whirlwhind of sand creating Aoe Earth dmg and mana regen for allies, If not in dominator, a raidwide mana regen might be a nice addon and could def be valuable in raid.
    -Meteor- Single target high earth dmg that has a delay after being cast until it hits (10s) provided the opponent is still targettable
    -Chronomancy- A debuff placed on the opponent that reduces their movement and casting speed.
    -Haste- Siphons off time from a chronomanced enemy and gives it to an ally reducing their gcd and increasing movement/casting speed. If multiple allies are hasted the effect is divided between them.

    Elementalist- one thing i wish elementalist really had was more of a focus on pet attacks, it seems like both elementalist and necromancer both have pets, but almost as a side attraction, they don't really work through their pet's enough. Also a boost to pet dmg to keep up with necro might be good.
    -Symbiosis- A channeled spell that disables the mage from acting but allows them to gain the viewpoint and control of their summon (must be withing 50m), obviously breaking if the summon dies, the mage takes dmg, or is cancelled.
    -Avatar of Elements- Adds more caster activated moves to each of the elemental pets (like a lunge move for the tank pet, and maybe something like Barricade that increases its defense and stops enemies from passing through it, at the expense of losing the ability to attack) you know just something to help the mage have more to do through their pet in control phases.

    Necromancer- same thing with elementalist would love to see more working through pets, however, unlike ele it focuses more on horde and multiple pets imo! and, you know, the usual emo stuff. Oh and a tank reskin- I imagine a fat undead zombie thing with a large butcher knife.
    -Parasite- a death based pet temporary buff that spreads a stat debuff to opponents within proximity.
    -Pestilence- Small swarm like low hp undead mobs sprout from the ground or from one of the pets and home into the opponent causing a series of mini corpse explosions
    -Reanimate- Summons a second of the necromancer's pets that stays up simulatenously with the first one, and the caster is given a separate control bar for that mob (might add some neat depth to the class when its not too hard to control)
    -Greater Sacrifice Life: Mana- sacrifices 100% of hp to to gain all mana back, also teleports you to the nearest ressurect point (jk).

    Pyromancer and Warlock- I can't really think of good additions for these atm :/ and I haven't really played pyro enough to know what it needs atm (i hate fire lol)

    Stormcaller- more flashy storm clouds, with more long term buildup! maybe something to help regain its cc viability since all of its cc use the same dr grouping.
    -Tempest or Supercell- Something I faintely remember seeing in AoC from demonologist I think might be a kwl idea, an animation that builds up over a long time adding more and more dmg as long as the mage is not interrupted or changes target. In this case it would build up from 0-40% dmg over 2minutes and then stay at that value until the fight is broken, starting out as a small drizzle and breeze and ending with massive swirling clouds, rain and sharp lightning animations. Maybe to make it visually less impairing in raids to actually have it change raiders perceptions of the actual sky and horizon instead of making smaller visible clouds just over the mob's head.
    -Squall- A channeled aoe wind spell that knockbacks enemies around the mage more and more so based on proximity (it has a strong push closest to the mage and has only a slight push at about 10m away), strong velocities can get further in to the mage before slowing down and getting forced back.

    Chloromancer- one thing i'd love to see for the class is chagnes to help it obtain a more complex spell rotation, and possibly more of a focus on life steals/conversions. I can't think of spell names atm but a more in depth rotation is something i've been hoping for the class for awhile!
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    A few good ideas,

    I especially like the Archon Raid wide Mana / power / Energy idea. I believe it should affect all 3, something along the lines of :

    Increase Power and Energy regeneration by 30% and restores 200 Mana every second for the duration of the spell. Lasts 10 seconds. 2 Min CD.

    Apart from that, I really would like to see a Mage Tanking soul. I am extremely excited to be able to mess around with tanking Prince Doldin for Molinar (When my guild gets around to it) And would love to see a Soul that is based around tanking.

    Something that would focus on dodging / deflecting spells / Mind controlling your target. With heavy use on your charge bar. For example:

    Basic taunt: Uses mana

    Charge gain: Convert X amount of Mana into Charge (Would have to be high in the tree)

    Majority of your threat gainers would be based on using charge.

    Buffs ect.

    An Interesting concept. I think Rift has the possibility to bring something like it about. Hint** Bring out a few more souls...

    Probably never going to happen, but I can dream right?

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