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Thread: Pyro/lock PvP build

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    Default Pyro/lock PvP build

    So, I've seen alot of mages doing really well with pyro/lock, and I'm wondering what the build is. Anyone have a link? I can't seem to be able to make it work.
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    I'm currently using a build for pvp that's mainly pyro with some lock buffs. I'm only level 38 though, so I don't have any clue how it'll work at 50. Chances are it sucks.


    I use flicker and break free when stunned, sacrifice life: damage when it's off cd, mortality when surrounded, and burning bonds + flicker when I need to run away (8 seconds, doesn't break on damage).

    My main attack rotation is:
    inferno (if off cd and enemy is under 30%)
    flame bolt

    If opportunity or Pyromancer's armor procs, I insta cast cinderburst.

    It could probably use tweaking, but it works well enough.

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    40 Pyro / 16 AM / 10 WL is what I use atm.

    It's decent, given you have gear. I used a different spec with 16 into WL (for more HP and Draining Bolt) and 18 in AM (Hastened Withdrawal) before Burning Bright's HP reduction was introduced. Was ok as well. Lockdown is really nice though.

    With the current one I took Improved GoP. It's of course not always a good idea to stand in one place, but if you have the option you can severely increase your output with it.

    Sadly, I still feel 51WL vastly outperforms it. But I keep the pyro build nevertheless, just for a change from time to time. Can't hurt to have fun while pewpew'ing, now can it?

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    heres the build ive been using. went 16 into lock for draining bolt and vitality as well since im still low rank. but i might change it a little cause i miss lockdown.


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