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Thread: pvp dps biuld

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    Default pvp dps biuld

    anyone have a good dps biuld for pvp for a rank 5 mage

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    I posted this in a thread before..
    There are more, but this one i use most of the time and it works..

    Other viable specs, which have a reasonable chance against a warrior is pyro/dom/arch.

    You got some good debuff and damage spell but you have to use them at the right time...
    I am using the following rotation.
    Cast Split personality first
    Cast Disarm if a warrior charges at you, you got 5 seconds to do good damage, cast squiarel, that will give you 50% reduction in cast time followed by 3 or 4 fireballs in less then 5 seconds..
    Once disarm wears off, cast Transference, keep hitting warrior
    After couple of seconds cast Flicker to increase the distance
    Cast Squirrel followed by 3 or more fireball..

    By this time warrior should be dead or if unlucky warrior might use healing potion or spells.. In that case you should have healing potion aswell.

    This is the strategy i use against most warriors and it works well even against high rank players.

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    I'm not R5 but I just tried this build out last night in the 40-49 bracket and I was melting faces without even trying.

    (I maxed it to 60 to show the finished build. I was using 32/16/14 to melt faces)

    Extreme mobility with plenty of instant casts and DOTs, Soul Purge to keep hp up, self healing, and a pet (I suggest naming it after your character) that annoys the hell out of tab targeters.

    Also has self debuff purging, target buff purging, heal debuff, silence, root/snare break, and emergency heals + 80% damage reduction with Neddra's.
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