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Thread: Don't want to use a staff, where can I find a caster mainhand?

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    Default Don't want to use a staff, where can I find a caster mainhand?

    I don't see any good recipes to craft a caster dagger, and I don't remember seeing one in T2s. I've seen a lot of tomes. I REALLY don't want to use a staff.. what are my mainhand options?

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    Scarn - Entropy is the best one i believe in T2 experts.

    Also, here is a site with Mage BiS spreadsheet.

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    my guess is your a dwarf.

    with staffs you only have to get lucky once

    i never, not once, ever saw a single purple mainhand mage weapon drop in a t2 on either my cleric or mage and have run a billion t2s. they obviously drop i see mages with them all the time but not for me. i had multiple staffs of the same type however, just cause they dropped all the time.

    i wish there were more SP swords/daggers. i really do. best bet, pvp.
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    I believe as of right now, the best pre-raid mage weapon you can get is the crafted staff.

    If you're gung ho about MH/OH, Entropy from Scarn or Twisted Dirk of the Arcane from Rictus (RD) - along with the Tome of Arcane Runes - are probably your two best options. As far as the drop rate.... yeah... craft the staff.
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    p6/p8 pvp rewards are quite good too. you can fit MH mageblade (no focus) with dungeon drop totem/book (has focus) and be sitting aight.

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    The best pre-raid staff (with focus) is the eCC drop from the final boss. 450 some spell power and ~70 focus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halman View Post
    The best pre-raid staff (with focus) is the eCC drop from the final boss. 450 some spell power and ~70 focus.
    If you're referring to the Cyclone staff I'd disagree and say that the AP Icerot Stave is better. Both dropped for me on consecutive nights (typical, was waiting about two weeks for either to drop) and when I compared I chose the Icerot as I don't need the extra focus (have ~240 anyway) and the Icerot Stave has more intelligence and equal SPower.

    That said don't forget the Tormentor's Staff (the new 1.4 crafting staff) which is pretty good but only if you have ~100p for mats!

    Regarding OP's original question: we mage's are a bit dry on single handers and Entropy from Scarn is your best bet but that involves farming one of the longest/grindiest instances for a very low drop rate!

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    the bobble off of DSMx and Entropy off of scarn>Any 2 handed staff preraid.

    second boss off of GP(not hard) gives you an even better off hand

    GSB/ROS has the legendary main and offhand that is highest dps contested by the 2hand off of alsbeth.

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