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Thread: Newbie question on Chloro/archon

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    Default Newbie question on Chloro/archon

    Is a viable combo for levelling (with necro 0 just for summon) ? Im still very low level but find it amazing for great numbers of dots/buffs u can thtrow to mobs, so i'd appreciate any advice on possibility to easy/normal solo things also later on.
    Thx in advance and srry for my poor english (not motherlanguage).

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    I'm sure you could level with it, but archon is pretty bad for a solo spec. Try necromancer (up to soul purge & rogue pet) + warlock instead.

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    If you want a great levling build, try necro/lock/chloro. Put 8 points in chloro for insta cast bloom, put points in necro up to ancient tomb and feign death at least, and dump the rest in dps skills in warlock. Always use the rogue pet(even for tanking).

    Sending pet to attack mobs while you mount, run through them /and or feign death will be your best friend while levling.

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