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Thread: Mage DPS Levelling Builds

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    Default Mage DPS Levelling Builds

    Hey all I'm new to the Mage community and am currently playing a 23 Chloro/Lock/Arch for dungeon healing and support, but its time to find a dungeon DPS spec that will work well at this level, and to my great surprise found nothing in the Sticky guides!!

    After much hunting and sifting through the various End-Game builds & looking through Bluedots various guides, I haven't found anything I can use, can some please link some reccomended builds? I've heard good things about SC/Ele but no builds/rotations.

    Any help from the mage community will be GREATLY appreciated.
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    Arrow Feel your pain

    I feel your pain. I have been leveling a cleric and got spoiled by the posts there on leveling builds, and helpful macros.

    In one of the posts that I found, someone said that (Pet)/Stormcaller/(Support) was the best way of leveling. For me, it is trial and error. I have had a lot of fun working on a style that I enjoy, redoing my points, and just working on different combinations.

    I chose Elementist for my pet, Archon for the support spec, and heavy into Stormcaller. 5/18/2 for a level 19 mage... Like said, it is a work in progress.

    My rotation is:
    For single Non Elite mobs:
    Pillaging stone, sic fido, Ashen Defense, Searing Vitality, Raging Storm... usually that kills them off, and if not, I have enough charges I use cloudburst.
    For Single Elite mobs (with help):
    Pillaging stone, sic fido, Ashen Defense, Searing Vitality, Raging Storm, static flux, then fluctuate btwn thunderbolt to keep charges up and cloudburst. Redoing the debuffs on the mob as needed.

    For Multiple non elite mobs:
    Forked lightening x3, static flux and lightening field

    For Multiple elite mobs:
    Icy Vortex, and RUNNNNNNNN

    (lol, I am not THAT good!!)

    I have no macros, I tried a couple that went along the lines of what I had for my cleric. I am however still to new to really have the macro making down. I have to still learn all my spells

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    I needed 2 specs for solo leveling...

    1. Heavy elementalist for pet tank and AoE'ing several mobs at least 2 levels below me:

    2. Chloro/Warlock for surviving sticky situations when I was either out-leveled or out-numbered by mobs. This spec is also GREAT for rift-chasing and low level PvP. Although slower DPS than pure dps, you can survive just about any situation if played smart.

    You will have no problem facing any situation (except maybe solo healing a dungeon) with these specs. I got to 50 in about 3 weeks of casual play.
    Obryn- 50 Cleric: Druid, Warden, Justicar
    Devilweed- 50 Mage: Chloromancer, Warlock, Elementalist
    Obyran- 50 Rouge: "Bard"
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    at 23 you should be able to get soul purge which makes nec/lock pretty decent dps and easy leveling. I leveled as nec/lock/chloro(0), and switched to lock/nec/archon(0) once i hit 50.

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