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Thread: Chloro/Lock/...?

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    Default Chloro/Lock/...?


    I'm currently 51 Chloro in one of my specs, I'm trying to maximize dps (as it maximizes heals, too).

    My second choice, atm is Warlock, Plus charge and Opportunity, and the End talent.

    Thing is, is with the Int-to-End buff talent in Chloro, do I need a 2nd buff? I'm sitting @ 6350 HP unbuffed.

    If i lose the 10% health from 'Vitality,' do I drop it into:

    Ele for the +Crit?
    Archon for Favoured Ally and Blood Pact and I'd get the Int from Pillaging Stone?


    I could go 10 into Dom for the 10% Int then Archon for that Pillaging Stone and it's Int?


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    This is the build I use for tank healing, and I don't have any problems with it. The reason I put the full 15 into Dom and left Archon at 0 is primarily for the improved Mana Wrench -- Living Shell can be lost whenever there's group-wide damage (leaving you with less mana than when you cast it if it happens early enough), and Empathetic Bond often isn't good enough. For those last two points, it really doesn't make much difference where you put them, but Pillaging Stone is definitely a very useful spell

    I tried Warlock for the off-soul right after 1.3, and just found this to work better. YMMV.

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    lock's sacrifice life: mana gives more mana per second than mana wrench and opportunity nature's touch = phat healz, more worth it than 10% int and leaving you with 5 points that don't need to be spent xD

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