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Thread: Pyro/Ele Mana Questions

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    Default Pyro/Ele Mana Questions

    I'm a recent convert to Pyro/Ele for raiding...thanks to those who have already helped me step up my game in other threads. Now that I get it...on to some juicy questions.

    I'm using the spec from Bluedot's Guide: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1z...zxo.Vthz0xoAzz

    I get that due to Burning Bright you want to make it 35/31 instead of 34/32 - but that 32 would obviously give you Channel Elements and make it so you don't need to worry about running out of mana. Planar Expansion seems to be the place for the extra point if you were going to do it...2% more pet damage.

    The fact that that isn't standard means that either A) people have figured out how to manage the mana issue better than I do or B) that 1.2% fire damage is so much better than the 2% pet damage + Channel Elements that the struggle is worth it.

    So, to put that in the form of an actual question:

    1. How do you manage mana in long fights, especially where you'll use AoE (Greenscale)
    2. Anyone think the above respec to 34/32 worth it for Channel Elements?

    And on an alternate path...

    3. For PvE, is Firey Resolve worth it?
    4. Does Improved Grounding help much?
    5. If answers to 3/4 are No...would 5 points in Smoldering Power be worth it? http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0z...zxo.Vthz0xoAzz

    Thanks, pyros.

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    If you find yourself running out of mana during fights, assuming you've got mana pots and used them, then going 32 into elementalist would be worth it.

    If you find that with mana potions and verse of joy is enough, then go 35/31.

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    Make sure you're always standing in a ground of power and carry heroic mana tonics with you. Unless you're doing 10+ minutes of constant stopcast AoEing you'll find that you really won't have any mana issues.

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    I have channel elements in my build and I'm part way into T3 gear.. I'd say it's more of a "nice to have" than something I need for the most part. It's pretty few and far between that I use it these days.. When I was part way into my T2's and running with weaker groups I found it more useful.

    Fiery Resolve - Not a waste IMO.. The stunning/silencing mobs keep showing up well past the T2's.

    Improved grounding - I've gone both with and without this in my build and it hasn't been a huge problem.. Going by memory here, I believe I moved those points into planar expansion, along with the one in synergize.. I suspect my overall output would be a bit lower (the pet only outs out ~150 dps - it's not much of an increase) but it offered a nice group buff. Now that ya mention it, I should probably revisit the build - Raiding more so that buff can be overwritten pretty easily, and I'm not having the mana concerns I did back in the early T2 runs.

    Anyways! A lot off that will depend on your gear/mana pool. Try it out. Tweak something if ya need to.

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    I would never use Channel Elements if you can help it. It's a big dps loss. You're not doing damage during the channel, and you're wasting charge that should go to Internalize Charge (similarly, Smoldering Power is also a waste). You should be fine with just mana tonics and your ground.

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