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Thread: Chloro healing for a level 23?

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    Default Chloro healing for a level 23?

    So I have a level 23 mage. When Im not pvping on him, I run instances.
    However, I suck at anytime I try to heal. I think I'm doing something wrong.

    Can someone just give me an indepth guide to chloro healing?
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    At level 23 you should have a build like this: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0zRv_.xdIuozc.xb

    - Put Synthesis on the tank which will activate Lifebound Veil on you.
    - Cast Radiant Spores before the tank pulls
    - Cast Withering Vine right after the tank pulls (WV is pretty good at lower levels)
    - Cast Nature's Touch whenever it's available as that's your main healing tool
    - Cast Vile Spores when NT is on cooldown
    - Cast Ruin when you need some healing immediately
    - Cast Bloom when your tank needs a large instant heal (you have to use Bloom almost on CD on some bosses if the tank is squishy)
    - Cast Flourish when the whole group needs healing
    - Use Entropic Veil whenever you're over 80 charge

    That's about it.
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    I would throw Archon in as the third soul and if possible, work in Pillaging Stone to build your buff up. That will increase you int which will help with healing.

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