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Thread: dots and valor

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    Default dots and valor

    so since 1.4 ive noticed that man... im just not doing as much dmg, especially to rogues and i cant figure out why>? ive gotten up to about 1180 spell power and 1070 valor and yet im doing much worse vs rogues that i had pre 1.3

    and it dawned on me.. damage over time mage builds scale absolutely terrible against high valor targets.. and even though my spell power has gone up dramatically since 1.4.. the average valor of my opponents has also..

    dots absolutely need a buff vs pvp targets.... whether it be valor not mitigating as much dmg from dot effects or w.e

    magic dot dealing classes are the MOST effected by the many magic immunity ability's rogues have and the void knight warrior build

    our dots are dispellable which means we could theoretically deal near zero dps toward a target with a savvy healer

    with all these negations to our main source of damage and the horrible and slow time it takes to do the damage itself.. is it not brutally clear that magic dot damage needs a serious buff in pvp?

    at least wow was halfway decent enough to make dispel protection for certain spells as laughable as they were
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