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Thread: lvl 50 Chloro/Archon help

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    Default lvl 50 Chloro/Archon help

    So ive read over bluedot quit a bit and im still pretty confused. Ive never healed as a mage and i would like to attempt to start. Queueing and waiting endlessly as dps is just flat boring and a waste of my time. Im currently going with this spec ( http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1z...uqAIkRR.hMfc.M ). Ive read the basic rotation of it but it does not go into much depth at all. If anyone has a good thread, site etc. that can help a mage learn to heal from a fresh start id be appreciative.

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    Tank Healing as a chloro isn't much more than following the rotation and throw in Ruin when repositioning, non-tank healing is where you need to use your judgement. Use Flourish if there's an AoE spike that hits the party, Bloom if it's a single target spike on a non-tank. Use your charge for Power Drain on bosses, Entropic Veil or Corrosion on trash packs, Wild Abandon if you need more AoE heals. Pre shield with Consuming Flames. I would put 14 points in Archon to get Crumbling Resistance, that way you're sure you can get a 5% damage increase (and therefore healing increase) no matter what the party makeup is.

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