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Thread: advice for a pyro/dom spec

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    Default advice for a pyro/dom spec

    i have never tried the dom tree before so i tried it tonight. man i am lost. so many abilities. i attempted a few WFs this evening and i did awful. I am rank 4 atm and never played so badly as i did with this spec. of course it is brand new to me so i am lost on how to play it and which are the best times to use certain skills. i been mostly playing lock/chloro up to this point but i just am bored with it and i want to branch out and try the other souls.

    i was wondering if anyone here plays this spec regularly and mind giving me some pointers on how to be efficient. like what do u do when a warrior first charges u? or a rogue jumps u out of stealth? or u have a cleric casting away at u 20-25 meters away?

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    Check out my thread, video has about 4 minutes of various Pyro/Dom shenanigans. If you have any questions or just need some tips of the trade feel free to PM.

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    with not too many choices for mage pvp pyro/dom is one of my favorites just practice my friend...
    here's the build i have kind of settled on
    also full dom with rest of points in archmage is really fun too for really screwing with a large enemy group at once it is devasting if you can get off all the aoe debuffs and damage at once can really turn the tide in a WF, have fun!

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