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Thread: Seriously Trion

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    Default Seriously Trion

    In my opinion, Trion need to do something about mage in PvP.

    The problems are:

    Mages have far to little ways to kite targets. By that I mean the immunity system, aswell as the fact that mages can aquire 1 blink effect, or 1 sprint effect. The sprint is kinda weak compared to others, since its charge consuming and only 50%, with max charge, u can maybe hold it up for about 10-12 secs. The blink effect is good, but it doesn't stack up when the melee classes has 2000 ways to get in melee range, or drag you to them. and oh, rogues can do dps spec with like, 4 blinks on the side... seriously?

    Mages have low burst capability (Don't start QQ'ing, just read). I know stormcaller can put out huge crits with Lightning Burst.. BUT.. to get a crit high enough to kill something by yourself, you need hypothermia + 3 stacks of electrified + ice shear + charge consumer for 20% extra dmg, then 2 sec casting time, to get out... lets be omptimistic... 4000 dmg, that's pretty low dmg compared to other classes when it needs around 10-15 sec to set up.

    Pyromancer can't burst anymore when u can't use cinder burst and fulminate within 5 secs of eachother, and u dont have Off GCD finisher. TBH, inferno has very low dmg, it can only be used when the target is at 30% hp or under, and does 20% less dmg in PvP, and after 1.3 it has a global cooldown, so why not just use flame bolt? almost no difference.

    Survivability: You can get pretty good survivability with Chloromancer / Warlock spec, but the problem is that the survivability is every 3 mins, because of the cooldowns, the other minutes u dont have ur cooldowns, ur just a bad dps with a little AoE healing. It works in Black Garden, since ur almost always in range of everyone to heal, and its easier to save people. But i would like the playstyle alot more if you nerfed the cooldowns and made the cooldowns shorter instead.

    Casting Time: I am a mage type of guy, I play mage in every RPG, because i like violent spells. But as a Cloth user, with the lowest survival in the game, and no way to keep melee away, casting time is just a ***** haunting me while im in PvP. I have to stand still, for 1-5 - 2,5 sec to cast a spell that's not even as strong as melee dps' instant spells.

    Other: Don't look at this as QQ, it's just how i feel mage are atm, It's my opinion, if you have yours, keep it to yourself.

    and stop QQ'ing about dominators... Transference got nerfed(I agree, the nerf was balanced) But, all debuffs that dominators have, have cooldowns and are dispellable, Storm Shacle, stand still or dispel, seriously, dominators got nerfed just because people don't pay attention to the game, and just mash their freakin' macro's all the time.

    And people are even SO afraid of mages being balanced, that they come into forums, as a warrior, cleric, rogue or whatever, say they are a mage, and pwn everyone.. ALOT of people do this just to harrass mages and make Trion think it's balanced if you're good / geared or blablabla.

    Mages are the hardest class to play, lots of setup, lots of stuff to focus on at the same time, running almost constantly.. and no macro viable spells for PvP, cloth armor, no kite viability, casting time, and still we need to get the lowest burst / survivability.

    People always say "Reroll and stop QQ" I play a mage because I like it, i won't reroll / quit the game just because im not FoTM this patch, i just want a balanced game, and I want Trion to listen to the customers, who actually play the game alot and tests everything, I know alot of stuff on other classes that could be stronger aswell, I want everything to be balanced. (QQ about this post wont be read, keep it to yourself, The point of this thread is to maybe open Trion's eyes) Mages SHOULD have more dmg than melee dps, since we have to run all the time, trying to survive, so we wont get any dmg output, and since we have to cast most of our spells, and have cloth armor.

    Also, every time i see someone write about cloth armor, some warrior comes and says: "at least mages have reduction from melee, I dont have any reduction from magic"... I don't think it ever occured to them that mages can also fight other mages, and we dont have any reduction from magic attacks either, we just have lower reduction from melee attacks than everyone else.

    Also, I don't want to see a huge mage buff, then the QQ will come back on mages, and they will just get nerfed again, dont supernerf or superbuff stuff, try finding the balanced point instead of having a FoTM every Patch.
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    I don't know. I'm pretty happy with Stormcaller. I don't need lightning burst to kill people, even though I do use it when I can.


    - 3x electrified
    - Ice Shear
    - Wind Chill or Static Barrier if they charge you
    - Ride the Wind
    - Cloudburst

    I have no problems against paraskills, void knights are another issue, but I understand why they slowly dwindle me down to death.


    Pretty much the same as above for melee clerics. If it's a cab then you're going to win, lightning burst is your friend here. If it's a healer, you can still kill the bads who don't dispell, but it will take a long time to kill them. Try to get a full Lightning burst off, but you do have AB/BS as backup for a high hit, overall, healers will still be a pain to take down, good healers are almost impossible solo.


    Again, same as above if they're melee. If they're a sin, then you'll get bursted down fast, but you can easily escape them with the talent hasted withdrawal. They're DoTs will proc it pretty fast. If they're a marksman... good luck, you can burst down the bad or low geared MM, but good geard or good people will always, always win.


    No problem with anyone else except Dominator and Chloromancers. Why? Because they both can get rid of your electrified stacks pretty easily.

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    Well every game has to have cannon fodder for the other classes right?

    I think the biggest thing with mages is just the inability to have any viable cc with the current system. CC never works half the time, and we have no way other than flicker to get out of dodge. And even with flicker its like 'yeh I teleported away!". Then: BANG! oh yeah warriors and rouges and clerics can teleport too...FRAC!!!

    I mean we should have a teleport that takes right out of the battle, like 50 feet or something. It could have a long cooldown or something, but we need some sort of viable "get out of dodge card" given we are the squishiest class in the game.

    Either that or give us some decent burst damage.

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    I remember always being in agreement with the way things worked between melee (primarily warriors) and casters/ranged in WoW which can be summed up in the following way: Melee have limited ways to close the gap on you as a caster but once they are on you it should *really hurt*. Meaning the skill in a melee class is all about using your limited abilities combined with strategy to close the gap on ranged. I have *no* problems with how hard warriors in Rift hit. What I *do* have a problem with is that its currently so easy for them to close the gap and stick to you like glue with no way for you to escape due to both the poor way diminshing returns on crowd control/snares have been implemented and the multitude of gap-closing abilities warriors have been given.

    Take the current FOTM spec para/champ: Two in combat charges on 15 sec and 30 sec cds? Seriously?! A 15 second 50% speed buff on a 1 min cd? Seriously?! Several hard hitting finishers with a 20 meter range? Seriously?! They also have their snares (which I have no problem with if their gap closers/ranged attacks were toned down and diminishing returns reworked). And of course I could bring up the other things about them that really need to be looked at, such as the most potent and abused cc in the game (AoE fear) which consistently turns the tide in group battles available at 11 points in the most common PvP soul on a 30 second CD and their undispellable/uncleansable 50% heal debuff that can be applied with any of their damaging abilities, even AoE.

    Rogues and clerics I don't have much of an issue with. Except Riftstalker rogues in Whitefall Steps. That really is broken and one Riftstalker rogue with half a brain and semi-decent gear makes playing that warfront completely pointless. Especially when they can abuse terrain to get on top of walls, etc.
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