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Thread: Chloro/Pyro/Ele for new mages?

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    Default Chloro/Pyro/Ele for new mages?

    I was trying to think of a good spec for a chloro mage starting out in pvp (low valor), and this came to mind.


    As opposed to chloro/lock, which has 2 nice defensive abilities (Neddra's Essence+Shadow Life) on 3 minute cooldowns, I was thinking about active shields that I could keep up all the time.

    As opposed to Chloro/Lock, here are the big differences:
    1) No Neddra's Essence
    2) No Shadow Life
    3) No +20% damage from talents
    4) No +10% health
    5) No silence
    6) No opportunity procs

    1) Two additional damage shields for 1.5k absorption, last 30s/30s CD
    2) 10% passive damage reduction
    3) +7% damage (via Exposure)
    4) +495 armor, about 7% physical damage mitigation OR chance to proc cinder burst
    5) Flicker - basically Break Free on 20s cooldown
    6) +10% damage (Ground of Power)
    7) Disarm
    8) 8 second stun

    In short, if you are standing still on GoP, you lose ~3% damage from Chloro/Lock

    I was thinking these macros could be helpful:

    cast Flicker
    cast Burning Bonds

    #pop 3 shields for about 2.3k damage absorption
    cast Living Shell
    cast Ice Shield
    cast Burning Shield

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    ten charac

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    I'll answer my own thread, as this could be useful to others.

    The aforementioned spec, while it seems good on paper, is not very good. Here's a brief summary:

    1) First and foremost, the shields do not stack. They simply overwrite one another, and the cost of wasting 3 GCDs to pop them while being focus fired is too great. On an aside, these shields need to scale with spell power.

    2) Pyro spells are generally not very complimentary with chloro, with the exception of Flame Bolt + Ignite + Inferno for players low on health.

    3) +10% damage reduction was definitely noticeable. In fact, I think I liked it so much, I've decided to rework my necro/lock spec to include 12 points in elemental, instead of having break free:

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    Default Recently done the low grind

    As someone that rolled a mage post 1.3, and has just gotten to pr4, here is what I came up with for specs and pvp......nothing is going to let you own anyone - you are going to take your licks, and roll with it, or you are going to play a different class.

    The problems for a new mage are:

    -no valor, and low armor in the first place
    -low spell power, resulting in bad damage, and worse against high valor targets
    -defensive cds to stay alive are easily purgeable, or can be waited out, at which point you still die

    I had to tell myself on bad days, to just take the WF loss favor/prestige and keep on going. You will be able to kill stuff in WFs, and you will have good times sometimes - but if you get focus'd, you are in trouble.

    Marksmen can own you, Warriors can own you, Assassins can really own you, Mages with more spellpower can own you, etc.

    In open world, pvp dailies are rough. You will get killed repeatedly by people if you don't use a group.

    I changed specs to numerous different ones people had success with (Dom/Chloro, Chloro/Lock, Necro/Lock, Full Chloro, builds with SC, builds with pyro), setup keybinds, macros when warranted, used potions, and consumables - and its a tough uphill road.

    Like your spec, the best you can sometimes do is "not die" but you won't kill them. Multiple forms of CC on different diminishing returns can sometimes let you get away, but that's about it.

    Not to paint a super bleak picture, but it was. Now that I am pr4, have the pr3/4 gear, have runes, am approaching 1000 sp without buffs, things are quite a bit better - but you still take your licks from pr6+ rogues and warriors.

    I will keep playing a mage, because I enjoy the archetype.

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