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Thread: Starting to get into pvp again...

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    Default Starting to get into pvp again...

    I got the soul i want for pvp, but i really dont know what i should do for gear / speccing.

    Im running necro / warlock.

    Generally i know i need as much intelligence and sp as possible. Does Focus really matter as a level 50 in pvp? Or am i safe to sacrifice it for valor? Where is a place to get decent pvp gear? I have all tier 2 gear, not sure if itll work well for pvp.

    Any help would be awesome!

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    You get PVP gear from the PVP vendors, purchased with the Favor you'll be earning from the PVP warfronts and other PVP activities/quests. You pretty much throw yourself into the fray wearing whatever you have (pretty much everyone does), gear will come quickly enough. (The Ranked PVP gear will have Valor on it, Valor will build as you gear up) The gear will be itemized for you already (more INT than WIS, etc). I would advise earning your Favor in WFs as well as quests, you need actual exposure to the PVP playstyle in order to be effective and learn what you are capable of.

    Keep in mind that specs and playstyles that worked in PVE will not serve you as well in PVP. Play as much of a "support role" as possible your first Rank or two, you will be of more use to your team and it won't be quite as painful.

    Everyone will have different advice, different things work for different people. I for one would say definitely get your PVP soul if only for Break Free. Personally I can't live without Detaunt but I'm a deep Chloro so tend to get whacked around a lot after my heals start showing up on the boards. But once you start living longer than 5 seconds, an investment in your PVP soul is worth it. I wouldn't bother with it until then, because you won't live long enough to use Break Free.

    Best thing you can do is, if you don't have it already, get an extra Soul or two for PvP.

    That's pretty much it. Just wade in, get favor, buy gear, and have fun~
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