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Thread: A question of mage souls from a cleric

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    Default A question of mage souls from a cleric

    Just wonder what are the common 5 souls does a mage have? I guess chloro and archon will be 2, what are the rest 3 souls?

    Since as a cleric, the 5 souls are quite obvious. range dps, melee dps, healer, tank (some1 dun have tank soul but instead a support soul.)

    so i wonder do every mage have 3 dps souls? and whats the difference? please.

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    I can't speak for all mages, but most mages I play with have a PVP spec, a single-target DPS spec, an AoE DPS spec, a chloro spec, and an archon spec. If they hate healing or buffing, they may have a "solo" spec, too, to solo elites and do daily quests, etc.

    This varies a lot, and often comes down to just having different specs which compliment different types of fight (I have a spec that revolves around stationary tank-and-spank DPS, and another that allows me to move a lot more, for example.)

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    Well mages have few dps soul, but some are better then the others..

    Most of the mage i see run with:
    Nec/War - Dots Dps
    War/Chlo/Nec - Dots Dps
    Stormcaller/Ele - AOE Dps
    Dom/Chlor - Dps

    I usually run with 4 roles, can't afford the fifth one..
    Stormcaller - PVP dps specs Single Target
    Stormcaller - PVP/PVE dps specs AOE tragets
    Dom/Pyro - Burst DPS Single target
    Nec/War - Single Target dots dps

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