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Thread: Clairvoyant's Raiment

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    Default Clairvoyant's Raiment

    Clairvoyant's Belt isn't considered part of Clairvoyant's Raiment. I wanted to confirm this is working as intended.

    I currently have 7 pieces of Clairvoyant's armor. I was thinking that 4 pieces of Clairvoyant's armor for the 125 spell power bonus (with synergy crystal) and 3 pieces of the new crafted armor for the 20 spell power bonus (robe, shoulderpads, ring) would be better then having any T3 pieces. I'm focus capped for GSB/RoS with just staff, wand, neck, and rings.

    I'm assuming once my guild starts running HK I'll just need to swap out of the crafted pieces for the T3 gloves and helmet (only pieces with focus) and I could still wear 4 pieces of Clairvoyant's armor.

    Does this make sense to anyone or am I missing something? I can only imagine how much better the rank 7/8 PvP armor and synergy crystal will be.

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    4 pc rank 7/8 armor is significantly better than 4 piece *relic* HK gear

    They need to either change the 4 pc bonus to add valor instead of spell power, improve the Chloro and some of the other HK synergy crystals, or use focus on all slots rather than just some
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