Figured I'd just list out the many ways mages could be improved in Rift, things I've been thinking about:

1. Start by fixing every single bug that has been pointed out many times over and over on the forums (Flesh Rot, etc)

2. Give a slight bump up in the spell-power scaling of every single spell in every mage tree. 5% maybe... it would be enough to put us on equal footing with melee classes who scale incredibly too much with their weapons.

3. Remove the grounding spells from the Pyro tree, and give pyro's and aura buff to compensate, or just roll that damage into their spells (an additional 10% damage increase to all spells), as well as removing the health reduction in the tree.

4. Move Tempest into the Pyro tree at a lower level, and either completely re-do the Elementalist tree, or just scrap it and make an Arcane-based tree.

5. Less buttons for stormcallers, please. Doesn't have to be a lot of less buttons, but just a few less buttons to make it a bit simpler. (I know many of you like the challenge of SC, but having to move out of AoE can screw up this convoluted rotation so much it can wreak havoc with ST dps... a bit more forgiveness in the rotation is all i ask)

6. Give chloromancers a buff that allows them to damage PvE mobs and bosses through damage shields and reflective shields; and while you're at it, consider buffing vile spores and completely removing Void Life from the game. The rest of the chloro gameplay isn't too bad besides that.

The rest I was thinking of are nerfs to other classes, which is for another discussion.

I'm interested to see what you guys would suggest to trion in terms of trying to fix the mage soul.