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Thread: Can Chloros main heal T1s/T2s?

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    Default Can Chloros main heal T1s/T2s?

    OK I know I can queue for support but so far experiences queuing my bard as support at 50 just suck. Wait time is still bad unless your a tank or healer it seems. I heard the best way to heal would be 51/10/5. But would I be able to keep up as a fresh 50 unless the tank is just absolutely over geared?

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    Yes Chloro can solo heal every T1 and most of T2 easily. Only few boss fights requires secondary healer and only if party is undergeared or composed of complete slackers. And always check your tank gear if using pug tanks - sometimes it's fun to have a "blue gear" tank in T2 dungeon, and funny thing is - even "blue gear" tank in T2 can surivive with only one healer in party, and chloro can do this job well.
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