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Thread: Most powerful low level pvp/leveling spec

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    Default Most powerful low level pvp/leveling spec

    Warlock/necro. This is what I'm going for.

    Playing on a pvp realm so being prepared to fend off ****heads (top end of male reproductive organ) is mandatory.

    Most ppl would say to go necro as the pet does the tanking. I asure you, you don't wanna do that on a pvp realm. Necro has...zilch reliable self defense cooldowns. The only good thing it has is the death's grasp stun which does nothing but give the opponent a reason to actually use his cc breaking abilities. You don't want to start off with a heavy necro build, especially not on a pvp realm.

    What you do is go into necro and get 16p to get soul purge asap, then go full warlock. As lock you get a very good slow, a fear, a 3 sec stun (same as necro's) an insta 50% self heal (perfect for Oh ****) and an 80% damage reduction ability (when a skillrogue gets the jump on you, imediately break his 1st stun with your pvp cc breaker and pop neddra's essence; unless he has the smarts to slip away imediately, he will lose).

    Latest 1v1 was with an inquisicar who tried to gank me. He even got the jump and we danced. His health would go low then mine would go low and then his again...until I remembered I have Essence Link (30% healing reduction) and he lost. Kinda funny how dps clerics quickly drop the ball when you put a healing reduction effect on them.

    This is the mage version of the sword and board rb/pala warrior. You won't be seeing any big numbers but you have plenty of steady damage to apply pressure AND healing reduction to force a healer to keep himself alive and not have time to pump up that warrior. With all the self defense cds, you shouldn't be losing to anything in 1v1 unless they outgear you or get really lucky with RNG.
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    It's not Warlock/Necro, but it's working amazingly for me.

    I'm leveling my mage as an Elementalist. Not only does the Earth Elemental tank for you, but you also get heightened defense to protect from ****heads. My minor was Pyromancer, because of Flame Armor and Ground of Power. Fireball was also a good addition to my rotation. It didn't do as much damage as the Elementalist spells, but it rounded it out nicely.

    The rotation I used:

    Lightning Strike > Icy Carapace > Fireball > Crystalline Missiles > Ignite > Flame Bolt

    You get everything for this rotation very early on. You can usually burn through a similar-level mob in ten or twelve seconds. It's very rare for a mob to get through the second Lightning Strike.

    Icy Carapace is the magical spell that turns Crystalline Missiles into a super-powered danger explosion, so until you pick it up, there's no real rotation.

    Because I haven't finished leveling my mage, I can't give you my final build, but I can give you pointers. Get pet buffs. Get Charged. Get Improved Fireball. Get Weathered.

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