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Thread: Sooooo dots kinda suck in pvp...

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    Default Sooooo dots kinda suck in pvp...

    Its probably the fact that I'm in basically all r2-r4 gear .. probably .. but I tried out Warlock the other day just for fun, and my dots were rolling on people (probably r6, lolvalor) for under 100 points of damage or in the area of 100.

    Was that 40/16/10 warlock/necro/am build


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    Warlocks were pretty good when everyone wasn't geared to the teeth, including clerics. Nowadays, a cleric presses on button for an AoE hot, and all of your dots are pretty much healed as soon as they tick.

    You can easily get top damage in a warfront while getting very little to no kb's if the other side has a lot of healers. Necrolock and lock in general is absolutely awesome for PvP <50. Once you are at 50, however, they just don't scale all that well, and are too easily healed through.

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