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Thread: Max DPS Specc

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    Default Max DPS Specc

    Hey Guys

    I want to ask: What is atm the MAX dps Specc. ?

    I've tryed a lot of Speccs. ( Nec / DOM = 1250 dps in 5 min. ) ; ( SC/ DOM = 1200 dps in 5 min )

    My Stats (Unbuffed): 1263 SP; 803 Spellcrit

    But when i read the threads in this forum, i don't understand if somebody makes 2k dps on the dummy.

    Which Speccs do you use ?
    Wich Rota / Macro etc.

    Thank you

    (Sorry for my bad english :/ )
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    I know I don't hit top DPS with my 51 specs, and I've found my best DPS has come from a 31 Necro/28 Dom/7 War. It's a very pet heavy spec with Split Personality and Empty the Crypts. Plus, with Lich Form, you get a heavy increase to DPS on the pets +30% for all pets, including the uncontrolled ones. To properly calculate your DPS, you'd have to set your parser to count your pets' DPS as your own. Also, with Split and Empty on 1 1/2 - 2 minute cooldowns, it's very easy to pop them twice in a boss fight. Though, I find that with my BF next to me in the same spec, him and I only pop them once near the beginning, and by the time the effects end, the boss is usually down to nearly 1/3 health.

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