Hi all,

I know that going 51 into Archon is a necessity in raids but pretty wastefull in a 5 man so I was wondering if there were any viable builds out there for a Archon/Chloro/Pyro or similar for expert rifts, T1 or T2 content. I want to be able to give some decent buffs to my group, debuff the bosses, do some damage, and help raid or tank heal if need be. I realize I'm probably going to end up being a "jack of all trades, master of none" however I do see a need for this type of build in a lot of the T1 or T2 groups I'm in. Basically, there are always a few people badly geared or inexperienced so being able to help out in all areas would keep us alive and moving even if it isn't at as fast a pace as me just going pure DPS.

I was looking at something like this:


16 into Chloro for Flourish. Chose to take Synthesis and Nature's touch to be used with Lifebound only in cases were the cleric is having trouble keeping the tank up on a tough boss fight. Most of the time I will be group healing with lifegiving up, Flourish and Radiant Spores.

18 into Pyro for the damage from inferno, countdown and FB plus the damage modifiers.

32 into Archon for the usefull debuff/damage spells, group buffs and of course Power Drain and Flarring Power.

What do you mages think? Should I take more points our of Archon and move them to Pyro for more damage? Should I replace Pyro with another soul? Should I take Rock Slide (How long do the stacks of Int last? Will I have enough charge to use it)?