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Thread: Deadly Plague

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    Default Deadly Plague

    I just started my first mage and i'm fairly new to the game, i maxed the Deadly Plague talent which says "Gives your plague bolt a 100% chance to apply an additional stack of deathly calling" but it's still only putting 1 deathly calling on the target at a time. I was under the impression that it would cause plague bolt to apply 2 stacks, but after making a ticket about it to a gm he told me it was working fine and gave me some very confusing answer.

    Am i missing something completely obvious? i get the feeling i am

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    GM is wrong.

    "Working as intended" is what they say when they smoked too much weed and doesn't know shizzle about the game they work for.

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    Log out and in. I noticed that sometimes it only gives 1 stack when it should give 2.

    Logging out and in fixes it for me.
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