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Thread: dominator pve viable? by jinkies

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    Post dominator pve viable? by jinkies

    so everyone i'm pretty sure is aware that the dominator tree is in the middle of being flipflopped on the nerf paddle. I am wanting to offer brain storming for the secondary support soul hopefully making it from the ground up pve & pvp friendly. the following is trions dream of the dominator soul and as such will try as a player to craft it so it is more raid friendly. From my translation its an archon that functions moreso through debuffs/ CC. This is me trying to get the dominator raid viable and utility accessorised. Overall I just want the thing to be invited to raids and be useful.

    With mind-altering abilities that easily disrupt focus, Dominators are the bane of enemy casters, especially healers. Dominators also excel at sending enemy ranks into disarray, making isolated, terrified individuals prey for the Mage’s allies.


    Like many who thrive on terror, Dominators are themselves fragile and require a solid screen of companions to shield them from the wrath of those they torment.

    neural prod
    the dominators piss poor dps is part of the reason they are not welcome to raids as support this is easily fixed via giving them a main nuke that is stand and cast. neural prod now has a 1.5 second cast time and has had its coefficents raised to be on par with pillaging stone. Neural prod now decreases damage dealt by the target by 1% per stack maximum of 5 stacks. Neural prod now grants a buff increasing damage dealt by 1% per stack maximum of 5 stacks.

    fine as is

    thunder blast
    Thunderblast is not useful in a raid setting and hardly at all in pvp due to deminishing returns timers having better uses then to do a short knockback. Thunderblast would do the same damage and same cooldown but instead of knockback it would increase the duration of accelerated decay incompetence and haunting pain on interupt of a spellcast.

    charged shield
    Charged shield as is can barely called significant a better use for it would be something along the lines of: Creates a shield around the ally for one hour. Damage caused to shielded target causes a stacking debuff reducing damage dealt to hit by 4% with a maximum of 5 stacks for 8 seconds. 1 minute cooldown( lore wise dominator would make him think he can't hit as hard therefor he doesn't)
    reflective command
    reflective command is too difficult to use skillfully and on physical creatures it is a useless 20 seconds cooldown in its current state. Debuffs applied to the target now ALSO affect the inflicter for 8 seconds. 45 second cooldown
    mana wrench
    mana wrench in its current state is a useless form of regen seeing as mobs in pve have way too much mana to even think of draining him dry even with a full raid of dominators. I suggest this to make it a secondary nuke and give it more utility. mana wrench has been renamed mind wrench targets effected by mind wrench would have there spellcasting speed reduced by 10% (pseudo power drain vs casters) while channeled dealing damage as is in its current base state. mind wrench no longer drains mana
    a full dispel isn't necessary from my understanding of how the dominator is intended to work more beneficial to an anti caster support would be a low cooldown ranged interupt.my suggestion 15 second cooldown hits the target with death energy and interupts spellcasting. In pvp since there is no school lockout in this game it would not be an issue so much and in raids the use is obvious

    memory wipe
    as of 1.3 it is useful as is
    acclerated decay
    accelerated decay needs to be something along the lines of a ground targeted area of effect seeing as bosses are not effected as such the use for trash would be more substantial. This would make up for not being able to let archons spread their lingering dust to the aoe packs.

    haunting pain
    this is a currently just about useless dot in pve it either needs a boost in damage or a support effect to make it worthwhile. I vote for the latter and as such haunting pain would be combined with todays void shroud leaving open the 18th skill slot and making haunting pain worth using in pvp.

    storm shackle
    I think a root into aoe would be better rather then the movement requirment to trigger. As is the dominator has no aoe other then shackle + TI which does great damage for every 30 seconds while the mob is needing to move again to get the full benefits of micro burst. This would allow it to be still used for grinding while allowing the dominator to help out a bit with aoe in pve. Pvp would still have similiar damage.The only thing i'm asking is make it trigger as such. Theres the root--> root ends--> aoe damage occurs.

    void shroud
    if my suggestions are heard this itself would be combined into haunting pain. I have no suggestions beyond that. Replacments for this would be appreciated my fellow players. One idea I had was a blind mechanic make the target miss its next 5 attacks ( picking five because it seems like the golden # for trion's mages)

    grasping void
    remove the cooldown make the thing do damage and apply a much smaller snare e.g 50%. snares seem to be more of a SC thing anyway. Grasping void would apply a -5% damage debuff to all affected in addition to the death damage.
    great spell if it didn't require the talent to make it strong enough to use.

    mass charged shield
    sorry but again charged shields damage is negligible even while talented so this should be removed and replaced with a utility spell seeing as a dominator is deemed a support soul. I suggest something along the lines of a ground targeted buff that decreases the damage taken by spell/elemental effects. e.g
    [insert cool name] allies within [insert cool name] recieve 10-15% damage reduction from spell effects.

    death's edict
    awesome spell great all around I feel its a bit lacklaster for the utility department. The heavy snare and stun is nice while coupled with damage in addition to a 1.5 second cast. Great for leveling if it were lower or soloing things one on one. I feel that it moves away from the dominator soul tree's support capabilities though. In a raid setting its only used for its damage if a dominator manages to squeeze himself in there e.g a zoomancer (necro/dom) I suggest next spell is half as effective when something is hit by this rather then the stun effect. The snare I suggest keeping so the dominator soul can function on its own.

    mass exhaustion
    Needs to be instant OR cooldown lowered but not both.

    mental shock
    the stun needs to be an interrupt for purposes of raid settings while its nice to have the ability to knock a guy off your back turning around and nuke them its not support oriented enough to be worthwhile in even a 5 man for a 38 pointer. Make it reduce non physical damage by a set amount. e.g 100-200 or make it reduce = the damage dealt.
    great CC spell hard to refresh. I personally would believe that the death damage component could be traded for a lower cooldown. The ability to control a second target is enough.

    mass betrayal
    great spell lots of fun no pve utility. I've used this on a boss along with TI as a dom/necro and I've got to say that was fun however it DIDN'T SLOW THE MOBS DOWN the tank was taking the same amount of hits since most of the mobs damage was from auto attacks. I'll keep it for damage though since i know that this is a beloved spell to dominators of 1.3 but personally i would rather see it replaced for something with more utility.
    priests lament
    How many mobs heal again? let alone raid bosses? heres 10 second 2 buff removal. In addition it would have 5 charges where it maintains its 60% chance to interupt the next 5 cast timed abilities one minute second cooldown. This allows for a dominator to interupt quite a number of abilities making pulls easier via shutting down targets. in pvp the use is obvious

    arresting prescence
    Fine as is though it could use a 5 yard increase in radius for the pve purposes. your almost in cleave range currently and as ranged support thats not where you want to be. I think a perm silence is too strong and should be replaced strictly with the interupt portion that the current empowered prescense provides.
    deals its death damage stops regeneration of resources no longer damages resources increases the strength of the neural prod by 1% per stack, increases healing caused by incompetance by 5%.

    split personality
    great nuke capability no utility.<--wheres the support?? suggestion: targeted buff split personalities cause high amount of threat.

    traitorous influence
    More damage nukes without utility. I like the hard hitting aoe component and how well it couples with storm shackle but for a 31 pointer it needs more kick in the support department rather then annoying someone because they wait for .5 seconds to use there ability. In pve its a decent nuke but not consistant enough to make a TRUELY significant difference on the parse. I say instead of the energy damage it currently causes it should gain a stack whenever the dominator either interupts or debuffs the target.

    tier 1
    clinging form
    efficient control
    takes care of some mana issues which is nice
    quick thinking
    iffy talent tree functions well without it still useful.
    tier 2
    great talent
    improved charged shield
    increases the effect of charged shield by 1%/2%(my model) mass charged shield replacement I mentioned would be increased by 2.5%/5%
    tier 3
    controlled oppurtunity
    The thing is kind of meh in pve though really really nice on pvp. I would rather see something more along the lines of making the setup of fight seeing as the dominator is a crowd control class capable of more easily not interfering with the tanks pull. as such i suggest that controlled oppurunity be renamed "manipulation" causing the following effect: transmogrify disorient mass exhaustion have a 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% chance of causing no threat and increasing their duration by 2/4/6/8/10 seconds. Yes I am biting off of sabs.
    improved mana wrench
    Obviously if the changes of my model are implemented the mana drain would go away. as such i suggest based on my model: in addition to mind wrench's effects target has a 33%/66%/100% reduction to elemental resistances (on par with archons). this change would be intended for 5 mans but would still offer utility.

    tier 4
    swift control
    remove overpowering will from tooltip please.add in mass exhaustion
    quicken form
    keep as is
    durable control
    great right now does what its supposed to
    tier 5
    micro burst
    works great
    wish the bonus was just incoorporated into the ability. This spot needs to be filled for more utility.
    reflective presence
    situational but effective. Being honest i'd rather see a mass damage shield for raids.
    tier 6
    splintered mind
    In addition to current effects it would have a 50%/100% chance of transfering threat to the one who recieved the buff
    empowered presence
    works fine just auras need to reach farther (specifically arresting for pve)
    tier 7
    (listed in abilities)

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    Bump for justice!...seriously though no thoughts or agreeing on this o.O

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    Ummm.. Never heard of Zoomancer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SinisterDeath View Post
    Ummm.. Never heard of Zoomancer?
    i heard zoomancer was highly situational.

    i heard zoomancer takes advantage of spotters orders to get maximum dps.

    i heard spotters orders will not longer trigger off of pets in 1.4.

    correct me if i'm wrong.

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    zoomancer is not brought for utility but to abuse spotters orders as a dps which hoko rogues do better @. I want dominator to be pve viable in the ability to actually be a desired support. CC traditionally is used to make the job of either tank/healer or both more manageable. I feel that while the dominators nature is CC its job should be to make fights easier since by descripiton it doesn't add dps but weaken packs of creature making it so your able to focus down a non inactive target. I have no idea why we have a heal debuff and a healer specific CC thats in a support tree instead of archmage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jinkies1234 View Post
    zoomancer is not brought for utility but to abuse spotters orders as a dps which hoko rogues do better @. I want dominator to be pve viable in the ability to actually be a desired support. CC traditionally is used to make the job of either tank/healer or both more manageable. I feel that while the dominators nature is CC its job should be to make fights easier since by descripiton it doesn't add dps but weaken packs of creature making it so your able to focus down a non inactive target. I have no idea why we have a heal debuff and a healer specific CC thats in a support tree instead of archmage.

    Spotters orders? Sorry not familiar with that term.
    Are you referring to the culmination of pets/necro talents, and using alot of instacast/clickies/spells to have a 2 minute dps spike? If so, wtfs wrong with that? If not... dunno what your tlaking about.

    As for CC?
    Ever go to RoS?
    I go as my zoomancer. They need CC on some pulls, I CC. And I deal great DPS every 2 minutes, and even then My average dps beats most other mages average dps. And while I may not reach huge spike DPS every pull like some builds, It does kick *** every now and again.

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