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Thread: Dominator/?/?

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    Default Dominator/?/?

    A friend of mine is going to play a Mage, and he is wondering what souls fits best with the Dominator soul? Does Dominator/Warlock/something work for PvP? His main focus will be PvP.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default 1.4

    Tell your friend to read the prospective patch notes for 1.4 and see if he/she still wants to play "not anymore" Dominator. If they still do a little more information on their playstyle and I will gladly help.

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    1.4 barely nicks the iceberg of the capabilities of the Dominator.

    Between squirrel, Death's Edict, Shackle, mental shock, disorient, and (1.4)Transference + Incompetence the dom has enough tools to get away from a melee.
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