We’re generally happy with the current state of Warriors and are continuing to monitor a number of smaller issues involving them.

Did anyone else Rolfcopter after reading this, Im not one to cry about nerfs and such but; imo they nerfed Transference pretty hard which was really the only sure fire way to beat a "good War". Granted if you wanted to stand a chance you could just go chloro lock and prolly would have to pop a CD or two if the war wasnt bad and let you kite him.

~ on another note I read the whole Wall of text of 1.4 as

Buff X, buff Y,

Buff x, Buff y

Nerf X, nerf y
Buff Z ( sumthing that doesnt even really matter cept for maybe pve terms, cant speak on it myself as i dont really pve)

- If you are gonna be going 51 Storm u WILL NEED A POCKET HEALER, no if ands or butts about it. cept for the already bads that would prolly die to an archon some type of way

Your fine yo, Paragon doesnt punch babies in the throat or anything, Fear bombs are rediculous either.

~ Again im fine with War in the situation we have now. a Groupe (3 or so) of paragons with 1-2 clerics behind is pretty unstoppable. No other mage class but dominator can really do anything useful against a team like that.

~ I will agree Transference was a little bit much for melee, but i dont think i agree with the nerf, maybe added to the CD or lowered time it stopped Energy/Power regeneration. I dunno i guess we will see; Again mages have to adjust their playstyle to fit the bill of PVP.

~ mind you this post is talking aboud Good teams versus good teams, Premade vs Premade if you will, not the pug stuff that goes on, where wars use a macro that has an Aoe in when nobody is in range, and the rogues that do 10k damage in the entire spam of a port scion. Those ppl would get eat by a mage even if our only spell was "kick rocks"