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Thread: Warrior vs Mage cc

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    Default Warrior vs Mage cc

    What do ya think. Decided to take a gander at what they had on their side since they are notorious for telling us that we have alllll this cc and that dr shouldn't affect us and we can work around the 2 immunity clause - that's all well and good if they didn't have more than 2 chances to remove what we can get to stick.

    Guess they forgot to tell me they can break out of cc more than me and/or silence and disarm more often sometimes. The disarm one is really cooky, why shouldn't the only caster class have the disarm skills in excess - confoosing.

    The only thing to our advantage is that the majority of our cc is in one tree. The problem is one of the best ccs - aoe fear is deep in a tree at 44 pts while they can get the same effect for a measly 10pts spent

    Can anyone even explain why they need all this with all that armor. Blah blah me and armor I know but that won't leave my mind that we must wear the least armor for some reason - it isn't because we have more cc I'm seeing from this little peep around.

    Everyone of their skills are all instant cast and some off the global cd too. Anything we cast instant if that 10% opportunity procced we still wait 1.5 to cast again for our global cd so we can't even win there.

    I don't mean to complain here but just trying to look at facts but it's no good to even complain if you don't have a solution or suggestion so I'm working toward forming something concrete that I can say would "fix" stuff.

    Is there something specific we can point at to bring things more in tune on both sides. For me the disarm and fear look like big ones.

    The reason I didn't add in the pvp souls is because not everyone has the same rank so you can't guarantee anyone will have any of those skills and they waste so many pts to get up the tree it would be this OR that and difficult to predict so I stuck with regular souls.


    1.calming influence
    sleep instant 30s cd

    interrupt casting instant 8s cd

    3.cornered beast
    6s immune to cc instant 2m cd

    4.thunderous kick
    knockback instant 15s cd

    5.battlefield intimidation
    6 s root, fear all others around them instant 30s cd
    10 POINT SKILL vs mage aoe fear with no root for 44 POINTS!

    6.bullrush (incombat)
    charge and root and stun instant 15s cd

    7.ruthless pursuit
    removes all movement impairing effects instant 30s cd

    8.titans strike
    stun instant 60s cd

    9.face slam
    interrupt casting instant 8s cd

    10.shield charge
    root instant 15s cd

    11.lights hammer
    stun instant 60s cd

    12.paladins devotion
    remove all cc instant 60s cd

    13.paladins reprisal
    stuns up to 10 enemies instant 60s cd

    14.flinching strike
    interrupt casting instant 8s cd

    15.way of the mountain
    immune to knockback self buff

    16.thread the trees
    root instant 30s cd

    cannot be affected by cc instant 60s cd

    18.wrist strike
    5s enemy disarm instant 30s cd
    10 POINTS skill! vs mage skill for disarm for 20 POINTS! and almost 1/2 the CD as mages

    19.touch of tranquility
    incapacitate instant 30s cd

    20.shadow of dread
    fear instant 60s cd

    21.tempered will
    removes all cc instant 60s cd

    root instant 30s cd

    silence instant 30s cd

    24.earth burst
    aoe spell interrupt instant 15s cd

    stun enemy, breaks all cc instant 25-45s cd

    26.furious rage
    interrupt casting instant 8s cd

    27.unstable reaction
    silence instant 45s cd

    28.shock burst
    silence up to 8 targets instant 14s cd

    29.pin target
    root instant 20s cd

    30.weapon blow
    disarm 5s instant 15s cd
    10 POINTS skill! vs mage skill for disarm for 20 POINTS! and less than 1/3 the CD for mages

    31.locked down
    up to 8 target root instant 60s cd


    1.wild abandon
    remove root and immune to it for 8-11s instant 30s cd

    squirrel instant - 2s cast 0-15s cd

    3.thunder blast
    knockback instant 15s cd

    4.storm shackle
    root 2s cast 30s cd

    5.deaths edict
    stun 1.5s cast 30s cd

    6.mass exhaustion
    aoe confuse 2s cast 60s cd

    7.mental shock
    stun instant 20s cd

    stun and confuse 2s cast 25s cd

    9.preists lament
    60% chance to apply silence if skills used instant 20s cd

    10.arresting presence
    charge using skill to silence instant no cd

    11.empowered presence
    improvement to allow arresting presence to interrupt spell casts each second

    root 1.5s cast no cd

    13.icy gale
    aoe melee range knockback instant 60s cd

    14.sever bonds
    removes cc instant 60s cd

    15.vengeful spirit
    pet attacks could interrupt spell casting

    16.deaths grasp
    stun instant 30s cd

    17.burning bonds
    root instant - 1.5s cast time 30s cd

    teleport forward and remove cc instant 20s cd

    stun instant 30s cd

    5s disarm instant 50s cd
    20pt skill!

    stun target and caster instant 45s cd

    knockback instant 60s cd

    23.wind chill
    aoe melee range knockback instant 60s cd

    24.static barrier
    when attacked knockback enemy up to 5 times instant 2m cd

    25.lightning storm
    possible aoe root instant 30s cd

    fear 1.5s cast no cd

    silence instant 40s cd

    28.mass fear
    aoe fear instant 30s cd
    requires 44 POINTS SPENT!

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    You really didn't have to type instant before every Warrior ability.

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    You forgot to add range for every ability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shendar View Post
    You forgot to add range for every ability.

    Range every 15s right

    6.bullrush (incombat) 17 meters away
    charge and root and stun instant 15s cd
    10-22 pts

    Even better you can toggle it with the other one to draw someone closer.

    Not listed skills - these are the ones that warriors use to suck you into them like off the hill when you are being camped right? they also are handy to force you into their group and they stay in the safety of their line but completely change your range and there isn't a way to combat them at all that I know of unless they are reflect-able? They aren't exactly melee range.

    sergeants order
    pulls target toward you 20 meters away instant 8s cd
    10 pts

    generals order
    pulls a group of enemies toward the warrior 20 meters 60s cd
    51 pts

    Not forgetting that a player that cannot be slowed cannot be moved away from once they reach melee range. Slows are also included in diminishing returns and can't be relied upon but are the core of kiting. Without cc or slows kiting is non existent and that's exactly what happens when a mage sees immune. A warrior on the other hand has no interest in kiting to gain range.

    It's one thing to say a mage has range but with a mere 10 pt investment a warrior can close range very quickly and there is no mage skill on a 15s or 8s cd that either plunks you 20 meters from danger or your enemy. Knockbacks are like 10 meters and flicker only moves you 15 meters which is still in range for either skill to be used again.
    If you want to talk about range, range never helped any mage being attacked by an invisible rogue stealthed up.
    Melee players have plenty of ways to get to you. Range is never promised but it does seem like a good excuse.
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    lol just another thread proving how gimped mages are right now.

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