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Thread: Need Early PVP build

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    Default Need Early PVP build

    Looking for early PVP Builds

    lvls 10-20
    30-40 etc etc

    Any ideas? Necro Warlock seems decent. Is Pyro fun at early lvls? What about Dominator?


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    I've had a good deal of success running high Pyro and Dom specs in the 10-19 and 20-29 brackets, likely because most people at these levels have little idea of what other classes are capable of.

    For Dom specifically, cleanses are extremely rarely used in the early brackets and the majority of players seem to be ignorant of your abilities, so it's incredibly easy to screw with groups of people without being targeted or considered a threat at all. Arresting Presence in the 10-19 Black Garden matches will easily shut down half of the opposing team as all the casters tend to stand immobile in a big group and ignore the debuffs cast on them; Haunting pain also becomes surprisingly potent due to the fact that some casters literally do not move for its full duration as they stand still while casting AoEs on the fang/fang carrier.

    Realistically you can spec damn near however you want in these brackets and do very well as gear is basically a non-issue and most people aren't yet learned in the ways of the PvP. Just position yourself well (i.e. not in the middle of all the other casters) and plink away with whatever you want. Though, this is only speaking from my experience in these brackets, and I'm sure others will have different view of it entirely...

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    My mage is at 49, I tinkered with a few setups in 1.2 and 1.3 but keep falling back to necro/lock or Chloro/Lock.

    In the 30-39 bracket, the Chloro/Lock seemed to be best as few people actually heal. You wont be mister DPS, but if you don't have any dedicated healers, this will help your team.

    Otherwise, I went Necro/Lock and felt a bit OP. Multiple times I did 2v1 and came out on top, even against players that were higher level than me at the time. This combo has nice defensive talents and the self healing is a nice bonus.

    I'm sure at 50 it will be another story, but until then, I can't see changing.
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