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Thread: 51 dom or hybrid dom?

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    Default 51 dom or hybrid dom?

    I've been using a hybrid dom (dom/chloro) and it seems that I don't really have a damage spell, I can get the guys down but nothing to finish them off...Is 51 dom better? Does it having a finishing move?...It might be my rotation, but I just can't seem use dom as well as people are saying.
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    Natures Fury, Storm Shackle, Ruin, TI. All those do pretty ok damage. Split Personality wrecks people... and they have the Assist-train-the-healer-because-he-healed-AI hitting people with 3 1k doombolts should kill something.
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    51 Dom is not for killing people. 51 Dom is for helping your group survive and kill people. If you're looking to get DBs, stay away from 51 Dom.

    Personally, I love 51 Dom. The rage tastes like rainbows.
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