I'm tired of seeing people running at me with 10 bars of misc buffs

If trion doesn't want us hitting harder...how about hitting smarter?

as far as debuffs out side of Dom/archon...we got a 20% chance with Crys Miss,consumption, and that 30sec channel out of ARchMage

regular dps won't take down a tank or cleric......so you have to have these PvP builds designed/wasted for certain classes.....basically you sit there waiting for an OPP to take(help take) down a healer/tank.....I say help, because there are always two of them so you can't take one down on your own...you facilitate their demise by protecting others from their abilities.

If other primary dps builds included a %chance debuff like Crys....I think it would help with balance.
Basically a MMs eradicate with % chance